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Other Games

Nearly every bingo operator these days also offer a number of sub or mini-games to enrich their offering by providing players with other channels to play for money. Some of these games are based on TV ports of gameshows or classics like slot machines. Many of these mini-games have become more popular than bingo itself. We have compiled a list of the most popular games below.

Deal or No Deal - jackpotjoy

Deal or No Deal

That's right if you love the TV show and think you have what it takes to beat the banker and hold your nerve then you will love this. It is an exact Internet port of the TV show. It actually runs much quicker than the real show since there is no Noel Edmonds, breaks, phoning the banker etc. However apart from that the rules are identical. You choose a small amount that you would like to wager and with the right strategy and cold decision making you have a good chance of winning, but like on the TV show it can be easy to let it slip away. This is our favorite non-bingo game that we found while playing mini-games from over 20 sites. If you like the show you will love it.

You can test drive the demo on our site using the link below.

Play Deal or No Deal

Play GoldenBalls


Another Internet port of a favorite TV show. Goldenballs works in exactly the same way as it does on TV but you play against virtual players. The idea is that you have to choose the competitor that has valauble balls, avoiding players with the 'Killer' balls, which wipe your money. Eventually you will go head to head with your component and like the show you can 'share' or 'steal', which is quite good here because since its online there is no guilt when you steal. This is a nice port of the TV show, which we thought was very novel and entertaining.

Play Golden Balls

Play Monopoly Snap

Snap and Monopoly Snap

JackpotJoy provide an interesting way to win cash based on a variation of the hit game Monopoly. You are given a number of cards all themed like Monopoly that you have to match up in order to win.



Play Monopoly Snap