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Depositing Without a Bank Card at Ukash Bingo Sites

Written by Alex Eliades, 30th April 2012

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Online bingo has become increasingly popular this past 6 years and every woman and her dog seem to have a bingo account these days but some people don’t want to use a bank card online because of fraud, banking anonymity, risk of depositing too much or they simply don’t have access to a bankers card. Luckily for them Ukash allows them to make cash deposits at many of the online bingo sites that accept ukash vouchers.

You may wander what Ukash is and how the service allows cash deposits at online bingo sites. The service is simple, find your local Ukash retailer and purchase vouchers in the exact same way as prepaid phone top up cards. Then once you log in to one of your favourite ukash bingo sites and you simply enter a PIN code to top up your account. This can be very beneficial for players that cannot control their spending as linking your bingo account to your bank account can make it very easy to deposit a lot if players get onto a losing streak. On the other hand Ukash limits players spending to the vouchers value what they have purchased with a cool head.

When players win following a Ukash deposit all bingo sites handle pay outs very differently. Some will give players a Ukash code that can be cashed out at Ukash retailers, others will pay by bank transfer or cheque and some will let you withdraw via any of their supported withdrawal methods. However players wishing to withdraw using a non default payout method such as Paypal for example may have to have already deposited using that method in the past. This helps to prevent people from using gambling accounts for illicit money transfers.

The use of Ukash has really grown in recent years and in fact there are more bingo sites that accept Ukash than there are Paypal bingo sites. In fact a Ukash retailer is probably not more than a five minute drive from most UK and a lot of overseas destinations around the world. In the UK any shop that displays Paypoint, Payzone or ePay logos sell Ukash vouchers and most will be able to cash out winnings for a fee.

So if you would like to keep your bingo transactions from your other half, stop yourself from getting carried away on slots or you simply want a safer way to play then Ukash might just be the solution.

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