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Cassava Bingo Sites Complexity Unveiled

Written by Alex Eliades, 7th May 2013

Why does the setup used by Cassava bingo sites cause so much confusion?

If you know a bit about the UK bingo market then you are probably aware that there are quite a few Cassava bingo sites on the market. You might also be aware that they mostly all use the same Dragonfish software and that Brigend is labelled in the payments system on most of these sites. Also, all these sites state that they are operated by Cassava Enterprises at the bottom of the homepage, which is licensed by the GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority).

The below image will show you how to you can spot a Cassava bingo site easily. This is a screenshot of the bottom of the Sing Bingo homepage:

how to spot cassava bingo sites

This caused me a lot of confusion at Fantasy Bingo as we categorise bingo sites so that our visitors can easily choose a bingo sites by software, payment method, bonuses, no deposit options etc. When I first set about categorising Cassava/Dragonfish/Brigend sites I was unsure how to categorise them so I contacted Joy of Bingo, which is a strong network of sites (including Wink Bingo) that is compromised of only Cassava sites and asked for details of the relationship. I got a good answer that I admit was still slightly confusing but I will summarise it below and try to make it easy to understand.

First off 888 Holdings owns the lot and as the name suggests is a holding company. In fact my contacts at Joy of Bingo actually work for 888. Cassava Enterprises is owned by 888 and Cassava is the licensed operator that undertakes overall management, regulation compliance and payment processing of all the bingo brands they manage.

Dragonfish is a software company that is wholly owned by 888 too so they provide bingo game software to most of the Cassava managed bingo brands under license. Brigend is a legacy company that is also owned by 888 so you may see the Brigend name here and there too and this name is also under the 888/Cassava umbrella.

To add a bit more confusion to all of this there is another software company named Globalcom that 888 Holdings acquired some years back. Globalcom game software is 100% different from the Dragonfish software but is still used for Bingo Fabulous and 888Ladies brands, the other Cassava sites all use Dragonfish game software.

The company is structured in a complex way like this because of historical roots but also because they offer a fully managed white label solution to organisations that wish to launch their own bingo site.

to cut a long story short 888, Cassava, Dragonfish and Brigend sites, as they are often referred to are usually one and the same

So to cut a long story short 888, Cassava, Dragonfish and Brigend sites, as they are often referred to are usually one and the same. The fact that sites are under this umbrella means that they are part of a very well managed network of credible bingo sites, therefore players should not encounter any problems with any of their brands provided they follow the terms and conditions. Also, the whole operation is regulated by the GRA, which is one of the most reputable and strict iGaming regulatory bodies in the world that protects both the player and operator and has overarching powers to intervene in the case of disputes.