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Are £5 deposit bingo sites a good deal?

Recommended £5 Deposit Bingo Sites

Written by Alex Eliades, 3rd May 2012

five pound bingo

You may be well aware that the minimum deposit at most bingo sites is usually £10 and a few select sites offer a minimum £5 deposit. Lots of us out there want to give a new bingo site a test run but would just like to wager a fiver to see if it’s any good. Although most sites don’t advertise it, more sites than you think will allow a £5 bingo deposit to get you started and you can probably hunt them out on bingo portals but be warned in most cases it you wont take advantage of the new player offers and we will show you why.

We need a couple of examples to help us explain this so to make it simple lets first look at the famous Wink Bingo, where you can make a £5 minimum deposit but it really isn’t worth it. First of all the new player bonus is calculated at 200% of your initial deposit. Then once you have spent £10 or more you will be able to ‘Spin the Wheel’ for another bonus of between £15 - £1000, but you are guaranteed a minimum £15 in bonus money. Therefore put down just a fiver and you will get 200% of £5 and your initial £5 deposit, which works out to a total of £15 to play with. On the other hand if you deposit a tenner then you will get 200% of £10 and your initial £10 + a guaranteed £15 on top of that once you spin the wheel. So make an initial deposit at Wink of £5 and get £15 to play with but make it £10 and get £45 to play with, big difference!

Ok, lets now look at Paddy Power Bingo that promote a £20 welcome bonus irrespective of your initial deposit, provided it is £5 or more. Here you actually get the best deal if you want to play with just a £5 deposit as you will always get a £20 deposit bonus regardless of how much you initially deposit. The new player offer is much clearer and straight forward but if you wanted to wager more and are looking for the best deal you might want to look elsewhere.

Another element includes bingo sites that give you a bonus without making a deposit. For example some sites offer £10 free to new players, no deposit required but they offer nothing after that. So if you sign up and deposit £10 you will still only get the £10 sign up bonus.

Lets make it simple. From the examples above if you want to deposit £10 or more definitely go with Wink or a site that offers a percentage based bonus. If you are looking to play at one of the £5 deposit bingo sites then for sure Bet365 and other fixed new player bonus sites hit it.

Saying all of this though it is important to understand that bingo sites use the promotions to reel in new players but in our experience a decision made exclusively on the new player bonus can often be a bad one. We would recommend checking out what software the site uses, whether they have a thriving community, offer no-cash prizes, have telephone support, allow you to make convenient deposits and much more. The new player bonus really is overrated and you might be much happier signing up for a site that has a small deposit bonus because it has fantastic game-play and a friendly community.