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Paysafe Card Explained

Even though online transactions have become commonplace on the Internet these days there are many valid reasons why it is prudent not to use your bank card on bingo sites. Some of these include banking anonymity, or in other words it isn't always a good idea to let your bank see that you've had gambling transactions, not to mention what happens when your partner reads your bank statement. It might also not be wise to have your bank card and account literally plugged into a bingo site as some of us can easily get carried away, especially when playing the casino or slots side games that most bingo sites flaunt. Another thing is that a lot of people simply dont have bank card available, such as those that have become bankrupt, which can happen to any honest person who suffered in the recession.

One solution to staying safe and avoiding the pitfalls of using a bank card online is using an alternative deposit method that certain sites support. Paysafecard is probably one of the best alternatives out there and it works by allowing players to buy prepaid vouchers with cash from corner shops almost everywhere within Europe and the US. In fact any store that displays the Paypoint logo in the UK will be able to sell you Paysafecard vouchers.

Depending on the bingo site you play on winning from Paysafe deposits could be paid out by a number of methods. First, they could pay you by bank transfer or cheque, or alternatively some will allow withdrawals back to Paysafecard and others will allow you to withdraw through any of their supported banking methods, however they might ask you to first make a deposit through that method first (which helps prevent fraudulent transactions).

Paysafecard is a UK based company that has setup an advanced voucher distribution system up all over Europe, Turkey and the United States. It is so advanced that if you live in Europe of the United States you are probably not more than a five minute drive from the local Paysafe retailer. If you need to find a retailer its dead easy. You go on the Paysafe website and enter your postcode and unless you are in Timbuktu you will probably be surprised to see several shops close-by that sell the vouchers.

So scared of using your bank card to fund your bingo game, think no further and go and buy some Paysafecard.