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You may be aware that there is now a selection of bingo sites that accept Paypal as a payment method but they are few and far between. The majority of us are quite familiar and fond of Paypal as it is likely to have made our life easier and safer when buying stuff online and “eBaying”. It is the most widely used e-wallets around and most people already have an account. So why don’t all of the online bingo sites use it I hear you scream?

In the early days of online gambling Paypal considered gambling to be too much of a risky area and they shut their doors to the opportunity of letting operators offer Paypal as a method to accept gambling transactions.

Fast forward a few years and online gambling has become a much more reputable and well regulated industry with big, trusted brands kicking out awesome offerings. Slowly but surely Paypal has started allowing gambling and bingo operators the facility they dreamed off; allowing customers to deposit using the most familiar and simple transaction method around.

Even though Paypal have allowed a handful of operators to use Paypal as a payment method it is still not widespread in the bingo niche and that is down to the fact that an operator must meet a very strict criteria to be approved a merchant account but also because Paypal fees can often be quite high compared to other payment processors. Nevertheless, there is a strong demand of players that wish to use Paypal to deposit and collect winnings at their favourite online bingo sites so operators are taking action.

The demand is due to several distinct advantages that Paypal bingo sites provide for as listed:

  1. Ease of use – just enter you username and password to deposit, no more fumbling around for your card in order to make a deposit
  2. Security – Lets face it, who wants to have their card details stored on a gambling website; its probably safe enough but why leave trails here and there when you don’t have to
  3. Anonymity – Yes it’s a big grown up word and some of us don’t want “xxxbingo” appearing on our bank statements, number 1 because we don’t want the bank to know we’re gambling and number 2 because our other half can see what we are up to.
  4. Convenience of funds – sold some CD’s on eBay and the money is ready for the spending!
  5. Disputes – Paypal’s dispute console is great if there was a problem during a transaction.

The list could go on but I think we have covered the main points. In fact in a recent survey we found that over 70% of bingo players that use Paypal would rather play bingo with Paypal over any other transaction method.

So, what we are getting at is the fact that any bingo sites that take Paypal deposits are likely to attract more customers and for good reasons too. So, if you are interested in a cool game of bingo using your Paypal then you need to choose the right site.